Having a massage before strenuous activity increases the blood supply to the muscles, enabling them to perform better during an event. This is achieved by brisk, fast friction moves to the desired area.

The massage will also help to loosen the joints and stretch the tissues to give more flexibility, so you as an athlete feel more limber. Although you don’t want to become too relaxed before an event, it can help with pre-event jitters and improve your mental outlook and enthusiasm.

A post event massage will help you recover from your event or any high intensity exercise, using deeper, slower movements. There are three main goals as a therapist in a post event treatment: 

Improving circulation - Research shows that myo-fascial massage assists in the recovery of diastolic blood pressure after high intensity exercise. Our aim is to
improve lymph flow and flush out toxins and lactic acid that can build up in the muscles.
Reduce muscle tension - Muscles can remain with a higher level of tone immediately after activity, massage and stretching can help to restore normality in the muscle tone and release tension and tightness.
Calm the Athlete - Massage has physiological and psychological benefits. It can stimulate the ‘Parasympathetic’ nervous system leading the athlete to calm, relax and improve the immune system. Just as importantly it has been shown to improve the perceived fatigue level of the athlete enabling them to perform better in future events.

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